Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013

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Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013

Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013

Be part of the IPA Photography

Asia Awards 2013!

Support our 1st ever crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo.

Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) was founded in 2010 as an advocate for Photography and Arts in Asia. We have produced 2 annual editions of the highly regarded and successful IPA Street Photography Asia Contest. The Free-to-Enter contest was funded independently by us, with 2 prizes sponsored by friends. Last year, we received over 5,000 picture submissions. We have had 2 winners, from India in 2011, and Bangladesh in 2012.

This year, we will expand our contest efforts to include 2 more categories, in what will become the inaugural IPA Photography Asia Awards. It is our goal to keep this photo awards contest accessible and free to enter for photographers from all parts of Asia. Help us achieve this goal by being part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013 and support our first ever crowdfunding campaign! More details on the Official Page on Indiegogo.

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Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013

Donated Prints from Photographers for Gold and Prime Sponsorship

Photography Prints have been kindly donated as perks for Gold and Prime Sponsorships by the following photographers:

  • Andri Tambunan, Indonesia
  • Aik Beng Chia, Singapore
  • Callan Tham, Singapore
  • Derrick Choo, Singapore
  • Junku Nishimura, Japan
  • Karulos Naga, Indonesia
  • Kevin WY Lee, Singapore
  • Lim Weixiang, Singapore
  • Luis Liwanag, Philippines
  • Maika Elan, Vietnam
  • Jes Aznar, Philippines
  • Rony Zakaria, Indonesia
  • Sebastian Song, Singapore
  • Weilun Chong, Singapore
  • Tay Kay Chin, Singapore
Testimonials (updated progressively)

“As a partner with Invisible Photographer Asia for the past year, we have witnessed first-hand the commitment and drive by IPA to push Asian photography to a new height. Their programs are thoughtful and necessary. We hope you will support them”
– Tay Kay Chin, Co-founder, PLATFORM (Singapore)

“Invisible Photographer Asia is very much a serious platform at the forefront of witnessing and supporting Asian photography. It not only showcases the enthusiasm and seriousness of photographers in Asia, but also highlights the healthy camaraderie that is prevalent in the region.”
– Jes Aznar, Photojournalist (Philippines)

“There will never be a shortage of talented and passionate photographers in Asia. However, often their voice doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves. Invisible Photographer Asia provides a public platform for photographers living and working in Asia to share their visions, experiences, and realities to a wide audience. Beyond photography, I support IPA because through that process, we could gain not only insights and inspirations but also a mutual understanding that brings us closer as people regardless of our backgrounds.”
– Andri Tambunan, Photojournalist (Indonesia)

“In two short years, Invisible Photographer Asia has become a leading – if not the leading – online force for pan-Asian street photography and visual journalism.”

“Online photography platform Invisible Photographer Asia is giving street photography in Asia a newfound visibility and buzz”
– CNN.Com

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