Photo Essay: Home Store-ies: The Other Room, by Zinkie Aw

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Home Store-ies: The Other Room

The room that we like to keep out of sight.

Some storerooms shed light on global issues like city-living – partly a microcosm of what it means to live in one of the world’s top 5 most densely-populated countries, Singapore, where land is scarce and majority of the population live in high-rise apartments.

On a national level, storerooms could be a metaphor for the predicament of a trend towards a consumption culture, a so-called ‘first-world problem’ that manifest in urban cultures: An appetite for a society to consume and hold on to more than it needs.

Lastly, through the articles and objects left in the storerooms, we get a glimpse of the inhabitant(s) of a particular home, who would utilise(s) excess storage space in various ways.

It is hoped that through these slice-of-life photographs of ‘annonymous’ storerooms in Singapore homes, one can put in spotlight, inspect and reconsider the meaning of this ‘alternate space’ that we take for granted in our urban homes.

Photographs & Text: Zinkie Aw | Website:

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