Journeys by IPA Workshop Alumni: River Moon, by Dương Hài Cốt

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River Moon, by Dương Hài Cốt

River Moon, by Dương Hài Cốt

We spotlight some new work produced by members of the IPA Workshop Alumni, each exploring their new journey in photography. River Moon is a series by Vietnamese photographer Dương Hài Cốt, an Alumni of the IPA Workshop in Hanoi.

River Moon, by Dương Hài Cốt

I know Thanh – Thuy through a friend who is an architect with the same passion for photography as me. It was about a year ago when I joined the IPA Street Photography Workshop in Hanoi. I was very curious about the pair who have lived with each other for 40 years, but are unmarried and without children. They live on a raft floating in the middle of the Red River beach under the Long Bien Bridge.

He was previously a famous gangster in the city of Hanoi. When he met her on the day 09/26/1969 he gave up his gypsy lifestyle and returned to a normal life.

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