PhotoSutra: Repetition as Progress

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PhotoSutra: Repetition as Progress

I was recently lent the book “Todd Hido: on Landscapes, Interiors, and the Nude.” (Thanks Colin, lovely read).

There is a paragraph of text under the title “Repetition as Progress” on page.33 that resonates with my sentiments and offers a perspective on a quote of mine “If you look at something long enough, it will sprout wings and fly.” An except below…

“Frederick Sommer used to say a lot that “variation is change”. That’s the thing about photography that’s so curious. There’s something essential in doing the same set of actions over and over again.  It’s a kind of ruminating. There’s a comfort and consistency in the repetition, but it’s not too comfortable. You’re not bored. There is still something sustaining your interest, pulling you along. You have to trust that you will come up with something different, arrive somewhere new in the process.”

Sidenote: This should resonate particularly for those doing site-specific projects, including mentees Balaji Maheshwar, Erin Noir, Teng Kiat, Shyue Woon, and Jeffrey Liam in the IPA Mentorship Program.

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