Vanishing Hope, by Amrita Chandradas

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Vanishing Hope

Days becomes weeks and weeks becomes months turning into years and yet you can’t fathom if your loved one is alive or dead. During and after the long running civil war of 26 years between the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE comes the unquestionable disappearances of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils- an official estimate of 20,000 Tamils are missing. Their family members are desperate for answers on their well being and circumstances. All that is left are silent photographs,empty surroundings & unanswered questions in each passing.

Till today, the UN is denied entry into looking at war crime atrocities committed at Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan government have vehemently opted for a domestic enquiry instead. However, the local people hold no hope in the government’s action,as death certificates and small amount of money are issued to placate their answers with no holding evidence of their loved one’s remains or last moments.Rumors of secret detention camps are spoken about and mass graves appear sporadically with time passing on-Hope vanishing with or without evidence.

Photographs & Text: Amrita Chandradas | Website:


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