Color of Water, by Balaji Maheshwar

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Color of Water

“And now it’s time for Tsunami!” boomed the microphone. This was greeted by loud cheering and people quickly dribbled away from their happy pools, running towards the source of the announcement. Perhaps more fun was yet to come. Watch closely the animated expressions of the crowd squealing with joy, in anticipation of what was to follow. More booming followed by sounds of thunder and rain. The atmosphere was all set for a great splash and a beautiful rainbow appeared as planned.

The slow crescendo peaked and the crowd could hardly contain its excitement. What were they waiting for? Ah! The huge wave! A slow grin; I couldn’t suppress my smile as I watched them run towards the wave, chanting words I couldn’t quite make out but chants of excitement drowned by clapping and hooting and whistling. This was a show indeed. Placed out of context, wasn’t this a word to fear?

My train of thoughts turned and I mused if water had colour. Clearly water had its own colour. Defying my early acquired knowledge of ‘water is a colourless, odourless liquid’ I had to come to terms with the fact that water indeed was very colourful. Isn’t that how we like it? And unquestionably, here, it was blue.

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