Young Love, by Sean Lee


When I was 17 years old and a student, the girl sitting beside me in class passed away after a short struggle with an illness. Her name was Esther.

She had stopped school for a while, but because no one knew the seriousness of her condition, we all thought it was a matter of time before she came back. When she passed away, we did not have the chance to say goodbye.

Today, I am a part time teacher of photography in a new media school. Looking at my students made me think about the days of my youth. I thought about the friends that I used to hang out with, the times I had fallen in love, and all the nights we spent partying. But it also made me think about Esther who died young and did not have the chance to grow up.

I photographed the students in pairs. They were either best friends or lovers. I wanted both to photograph some essence of them as individuals as well as highlight their relationship with each other.

Perhaps this work is a way for me to say a proper goodbye to my youth, and to my friend, Esther.

Photographs & Text: Sean Lee | Website:

Young Love is an on-going project. Sean is looking to photograph more portraits of young friends or lovers. Please contact Sean if you fit the bill and willing to be his subjects.


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