EPHEMERA Highlight: Instructions for a Re-memory, by Nurul Huda

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Artist highlights from our #EPHEMERA Exhibition on 12th November 2016 at The Substation featuring photography, paintings, drawings, blueprints and performance.


Instructions for a Re-memory, by Nurul Huda Rashid

The promise of remembering resides alongside the inevitability of forgetting. His life was being drawn towards the latter, experiencing glimpses of loss moments, sense and memories of Her. And so, he begins an obsessive documentation, collection, and narration of his life, to be compiled as an instructions manual for when all escapes into white nothingness. To re-member his self for when he needs remembering.

Artist Biography

Nurul Huda is an educator, writer, and photographer for the most part of her everyday. Lecturing in different subjects across Anthropology, Liberal and Visual Arts, she commutes across different classrooms with a love for facilitation and performance. She is also a researcher whose interests focus on issues concerning the visual and sentient body, visual imagery and methodologies, narratives, and feminism. Her research interests are manifested through different medium, in both text and the visual. Nurul also indulges in the expansion of her book collection, the documentation of poetic moments, and the fine-tuning of her hermit lifestyle.

More from Nurul: http://nurulh.weebly.com

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