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Hanoi-based photojournalist Hai Thanh is an old friend of ours. In recent years, he got married, had a son and swapped camera for cradle. Photography, as most of us know, is a lonesome and obsessive love affair, and juggling that with family life is not often easy. The mobile phone offers mediation and a compromise, as Hai Thanh demonstrates in The Diary, his upcoming mobile photography exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.



Mobilegraphy exhibition
9–11th Mar 2017
Art space at Nest by AIA, 4th floor, Vincom tower, block B, Ba Trieu str., Hanoi Vietnam.

Dear friends,

For many reasons, my smartphone has become something I can’t do without, even more endeared to me than my professional camera. Partly because it is compact and convenient, partly because it puts me at ease when taking photographs. Shooting with a smartphone directs my attention away from techniques so I could focus on the what to record or when to press the shutter. In other words, the phone has gradually transformed into an extension of my hand. Just take as many pictures as I like, that’s enough!

This exhibition is a collection of photos that I took with my phone in a few years. They document what I have seen in daily life, a number of faces both familiar and strange, some lovely things in places I have visited and plenty of fragmented emotions. There are pictures on both vacations and business trips. Also, I have grown more and more interested in shooting my family or beloved friends.

Let’s just regard this exhibition as a personal diary of my own journey, of what has become part of my life. Thoughts and feelings towards these images are all yours. For my part, these are simply an honest autobiography and genuine emotions from the bottom of my heart, now laid open to share to you.

Thank you.

Hai Thanh


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