2018 Award Finalist: Wing Ka Ho, Young Portfolio

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2018 Young Portfolio Award Finalist

Wing Ka Ho, Laundry Art

晾衣本來是最平常不過的事情,但生活在超高密度的香港,家中晾衣的空間卻變得十分狹窄,私人空間往 往被壓縮至極限,衍生了密密麻麻般的高樓大廈,令人眼花撩亂,要好好地舉頭仰望天空也有點困難,而僅餘的公共空間也變成了不可多得的奢侈品。


Drying clothes is originally the most common thing in the daily life. However, living in high-density places of Hong Kong, the space for drying clothes at home has become more and more narrow. Private spaces are compressed to the limit, which makes the rest of the public space more precious.

In the “laundry art” series of photographs, citizens respond to their own needs and discover, create and utilize the public spaces that belong to them. The characteristics of a city are not shaped by urban designers deliberately. The art of clothes drying can be seen everywhere in Hong Kong. Some people carry their own clothes lines by skillfully using ropes and lamp posts, or ingenious use of the environment. It is inadvertently adding vitality to public spaces, I sincerely admire the laundry skills and adaptability of Hong Kong residents.



Jimmi Ho Wing Ka is a post-90s young photographer in Hong Kong. Graduated from Open University with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinematic Design and Photographic Digital Art. Since 2013, He started to pick up his camera and make different photographs. Also, he won many international awards in just a few years. Most of his work mainly focuses on Hong Kong cities, building and thinking about the relationship between city and space.

Website: www.jimmi-ho.com

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Wing Ka Ho [Hong Kong] is a Young Portfolio Award Finalist in the Invisible Photographer Asia Awards 2018. View more 2018 Awards Finalists.

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