3 Southeast Asia Grants awarded to young talent from Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam

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Announcing our 20th #IPAMentorship Grant Winners.

Thank you to everyone who applied for our Southeast Asia Scholarship Grant for the 20th Edition of the IPA Mentorship Program. The quality of applications and proposals we received were very high and we are most encouraged by the response to our open call. After much deliberation, we have decided to award 3 IPA Mentorship Grants to the following young talents for their proposals: 

  1. Orange Omengan (25yrs old), Philippines 
  2. Siew Png Sim (19yrs old), Singapore
  3. Thao Bui (22yrs old), Vietnam
Grant Recipient #01: Orange Omengan, Philippines

Orange Omengan is a storyteller from the northern mountains of the Philippines. She grew up in the Cordilleras, her time divided between Kalinga, the Mountain Province, and finally Baguio City. Although a licensed Psychometrician by profession, she is also pursuing a career in the field of documentary photography focusing on indigenous peoples’ stories.

Her time as a Psychology student and professor reinforced her connection with people and the stories that animate their lives. It was the marriage of profession and passion that gave her a special lens with which to see the world and a perfect medium with which to express it, photography. In 2016, she took the role of a Philippine delegate and the official photographer for the 43rd Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program. She is also an active member of the Photojournalists’ Center of the Philippines.

Fascinated by the Ivatans’ indigenous culture and touched by their generosity, Orange decided to make Ivatan women her subject for her first ever solo exhibit, Mavakes: A Photographic Documentation of Ivatan Indigenous Women Artisans – Celebrating their Contribution to National Cultural Heritage. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts awarded her a grant for this project.

More from Orange Omengan on: instagram.com/orange.omengan

Grant Recipient #02: Siew Png Sim, Singapore

Siew Png Sim is a 19 year old aspiring photographer and filmmaker. From a young age Siew Png has a interest in telling stories through the lens. He started out by making short films and writing scripts, winning awards in student film festivals such as South China Student Film Festival. His most recent video production is “Profile Photo”, a video art project which made the official selection of “Experimental Forum 2018”. In recent years, he has found a love for street/documentary photography and is currently working on a photo project “Popo & Gong Gong” . When he is not behind the lens, he is working on instrumental “beat-tape” projects, his first being “pls don’t block my view.”
More from Siew Png Sim on: https://siewpng.wixsite.com/create
Grant Recipient #03: Thao Bui (Bùi Đức Thảo), Vietnam

Thao Bui grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam and graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His major is Business, Organization and Society with a minor in Studio Art. Bui’s medium of choice is photography. His past works responded to mass media, social media, celebrity culture, and consumerism. He is interested in exploring through his art making these contemporary themes along with Eastern traditions and values.

More from Thao Bui on: www.thaodbui.com

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