A Wayward Home 不由自主的家, by Edward Chan

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“There’s no need to circumnavigate the journey at hand or ahead. The growth, the change, the path. The winds, the twist, the turns. You will always find a way home.” – Alexandra Elie

I experienced the optimism in Hong Kong during the 90s, but now I can only yearn. Overpopulation and high costs of living have taken away our free will. These days we spend all our energy on surviving. There is no room for empathy. It is hard to think for our next generation. Our identity is fading and the end is blurry. 

The government makes questionable decisions and are deaf to our voices. As we have become dependent on China financially, we have lost the power to make our own choices. Trust is broken. The home I know has gone wayward, ruthless. Where do we belong? Some of my friends have moved and found new homes abroad.

“When we get married, where are we going to live?” My fiancé asked. I don’t have an answer. Yet. But there will always be a way home, wherever that might be.

「人生旅途,你無須躲避。 這是成長、這是轉化、這是引途; 那些風潮,那些挫折,那些坎坷。 最終,你會找到回家的路。」 – Alexandra Elle






A Wayward Home, by Edward Chan was made during the IPA Mentorship Program. Click to view: More Mentorship Projects.

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