[Tear Sheet] Juice Magazine OCT ’10: The Invisible Photographer – Across The Street And Asia

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Original article in Juice Magazine October 2010 Issue. Text by Renee Lorentzen.
Photographs by Kevin WY Lee and Paul Swee.

Street photography blogs might be all the rage this moment, but Kevin Lee of The Invisible Photographer is taking this new phenomenon to a whole other level. Combining his passion for street photography and a strong love for Asia, Kevin launched The Invisible Photographer a couple of few months ago as a creative outlet for himself, and that other lensman next to him. And though most blogs focus on its owner, Kevin opens his to fellow photographers who share that same sizzling passion of working the camera to its best capacities. As we speak, The Invisible Photographer is well on its way to creating a close-knit community, as well as a good buzz.

Hi Kevin. What’s the story behind The Invisible Photographer?
The Invisible Photographer Asia is a photographers’ collective, and a blog, showcase, platform for street photography and visual journalism in Asia. It features photo essays and projects from emerging and established photographers practicing this genre of photography.

And you were inspired to start this project because…?
There are a few similar collectives and online blogs that feature street and documentary photography but a lot of these are western. There weren’t any with a particular focus on Asia, which led me to this idea of creating one.

How did you get the word out for people to contribute?
Right now, it’s a lot of word-of-mouth and referrals. The blog and website is still new – only a few months old – but the audience and contributions are growing.

Why street photography?
Street photography is a genre I’m interested in, and it has less of a voice as compared to other more popular photography strands like fashion, portraiture and commercial.

The name is pretty cool.
Basically, the name captures the spirit of how we interpret street photography, which is further illustrated by this mantra (if you will): “A decisive moment in time. A face, a place, an interface. Documented with a photograph. Captured, with least influence to that moment, by the photographer.”

What’s next?
These are still early days, but we hope to achieve a roving Photography Exhibition across Asia, along with an accompanying book with the very best featured work.


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