Bay Of Dreams, by Kevin WY Lee

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Singapore is a nation of dreams and dream-chasers, and the bay area is where it’s all on display for the world to see.

Bay of Dreams is a collection of photographs taken at the Marina Bay area of Singapore. It’s a short walk away from where I work. I was probably drawn to the bay’s dazzle and theatre. 

We are all seduced by our dreams. My parents are, as am I. Likewise, the nation and its people. Our dreams consume us when we sleep, and when we walk. Like a mirage, they seem near, yet so strangely far away. Often, in the endless pursuit of our dreams, we forget that we also steal the dreams of others along the way.

Photographs & Text: Kevin WY Lee | Website:


15 images from Bay Of Dreams forms the 3rd publication of the project by Platform and is available for purchase at the Online Store.

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