Smells like Indian Spirit, by Maika Elan

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India has always been my dream land, and when I finally traveled there in March, I was really overwhelmed.

I had my little lomo camera with me, but I tried not to conciously ‘take pictures’ or to capture ‘beautiful images’. I even tried randomly double-exposing frames with some rolls not knowing the outcome. All that I wanted was to keep my feelings and emotions when I was in India alive in the rolls of film that I exposed.

Photographs & Text: Maika Elan | Website:

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Comments 17

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  2. 在ハノイのベトナム人写真家Maika Elan、リトルロモと彼女というのは最高の組み合わせ。初めてインドを訪れたときの写真が@InvisPhotogAsia にアップされている。

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