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Spurred by the recent ‘100 Most influential photographers of all time’ list, we were curious as to who our fans and audience thought were the most influential Asian photographers. A quick poll was posted on our Facebook page and a few names popped up. Here are some of names shared merely as a reference of prominent names in Asian photography – some obviously more recognized than others outside of their countries.

1. Daido Moriyama, Japan

2. Nobuyoshi Araki, Japan

3. Raghu Rai, India

4. Chien-Chi Chang, Taiwan

5. Eikoh Hosoe, Japan

6. Raghubir Singh, India

7. Rinko Kawauchi, Japan

8. Tay Kay Chin, Singapore

9. Fan Ho, Hong Kong

10. Takuma Nakahira, Japan

11. Shahidul Alam, Bangladesh

12. Ihei Kimura, Japan

Which other Asian photographers do you think has been influential, perhaps even in your country or local community?

All photographs copyright their respective creators.

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  2. When Oscar Motuloh and Erik Prasetya are in the list, I think should include Kemal Djufri as well… or maybe next time?

  3. Everyone has their opinions on this sort of thing. Kazuyoshi Nomachi, Hiroshi Hamaya, and Nick Ut, would’ve been on my list. All three have done great work that will stand the test of time.

  4. We have Erik Prasetya, Rama Surya and Oscar Motuloh in Indonesia.
    I happened to remember Lu Nan and Lu Guang from China.
    and Shomei Tomatsu from Japan.

  5. Post
  6. issei suda, who’s very influential in Japan especially if you look at other peoples photographs. There’s not much info on the web but his books are always great and his prints are perfect. Some people may like.

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