Here comes Thaipusam, by Maika Elan

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Thaipusam is known as a very enigmatic festival – mysterious and frenzied. And from the few images I had seen, Thaipusam looked like a pilgrimage of a bygone era.

I’m an avid reader of magazines, and wondered how photographs of the traditional culture and people of Thaipusam would look exposed in contrast to media images of modern popular culture. I decided to experiment. Before I went on my first visit to Batu Caves in Malaysia where the festival took place, I exposed a few rolls with images from the magazines I read. I then re-exposed the same rolls in Thaipusam with a curious, nervous expectation of the final outcome.

As someone once said, we photograph to see what something looks like photographed. In a way, this was my own experiment in heed.

Photographer: Maika Elan | Website:

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