The Pink Choice, by Maika Elan

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Even though many people seem to be open about homosexuality, it turned out to be untrue when I showed people photos of homosexual couples in intimate moments. Most of them found the photos disgusting and unacceptable. This reaction was a source of inspiration to me.

My goal was to make photos about homosexuals that incite feelings of romantic love that is natural and beautiful. I chose to capture casual daily activities of the couples that can be familiar to anyone. By doing so, I hope to make the audience become interested, then gradually empathize with homosexual people.

Many projects/artworks on homosexuality in Vietnam tend to focus on either deviances (especially in movies, with images of homosexuals portrayed in ridiculous clothing and make-up, mincing, shrewish or rude manners…) or symbolic images. In photography, homosexuals are not presented as themselves in pictures. And if they are, they’re usually photographed from behind or with masks on. These all foster weird and absurd images of homosexuals rather then present more understanding perspectives. In turn, homosexuals become even more intimidated and isolated.

The Pink Choice has a different approach as it seeks out personal stories using direct language: documentary photography to capture real moments and real people.

Moreover, stories about homosexuality in Vietnam and also in the world usually end in tragedy, especially in movies. On one hand, this tragic style of storytelling can make audience become more sympathetic and understanding of the difficulties that homosexuals experience. On the other hand, the drama of homosexuals can also cause misunderstandings that lives of homosexuals are vulnerable and regretful, and that the choice to “come out” is an incredible effort against the community’s way of life. The point is, in real life, there are many homosexual people who live happily with their identity. There are homosexual couples who love, nurture and build a happy family life together.

The Pink Choice is a series of photos about the love of homosexual couples which focus on living spaces, the affectionate touches, and more importantly, the synchronized rhythm of lovers sharing life together. Viewers may not feel the personalities of the subjects in the photos, but hopefully they can feel the warmth of their love and caring. In way, I wanted to show what I see of homosexual people and not how they see themselves.

Photographer: Maika Elan | Website:

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  1. Honestly, this speaks to me. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, the majority of when people see them is when their used for sexual, intimate purposes and I greatly appreciate someone showing pictures that are oh so similar to “regular” straight couples. We are people too and we feel love the same as anyone else, it isn’t less pure or anything because we are gay.

  2. Vietnamese documentary photo scene’s practically non existent, for what I know. Therefore this project comes as nice surprise, with a straight approach At the same time I see the limitations of such approach: it seems to show only one side of the story, in the safety and the comfort of their apartments. Vietnamese society shields itself from confrontation, maybe thinking the problem will disappear. I’ve never seen any photo of a Vietnamese photographer involving social, controversial and provoking matters, that make people talk. Nice photography “A la Bresson”, but photography’s also a lot more, let’s not stop at the surface. Best Wishes

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