Street Photography Kuala Lumpur, by Che’ Ahmad Azhar

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“If only I can do street everyday :)”

These are my photographs of the streets and people of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This series is a selection edited and sequenced by Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb and David Chickey during their Masterclass workshop in Singapore.

Photograph & Text: Che’ Ahmad Azhar | Website:

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Comments 26

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  3. Really moved by your collection. Really inspires me to go back to stalking the streets and waiting. Forget about chasing equipment and playing too much with Photoshop. Thank you for being inspiring.

  4. Great images..seemingly simple moments and things become of great value, when immortalized by sensitive photographers.Street Photography is so universal that it feels just like around my neighborhood. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The other side of Kuala Lumpur and reality of life around KL. Nice collection and composition. Love the way arrangement…..congrats…

  6. Nice and very beautiful collection. ‘If only I can do street everyday :)’,yes! Thank you to you sir,for capturing the hidden parts of KL. KL is not just bout the shopping malls,tall buildings or the traffic jams,but it is the everyday people in KL..the shop keeper,the local tourist,the back alley,the youth etc.

    Miss KL so much because of these photos!!

    again, Thank you.

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