Changsha, by Rian Dundon

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CHANGSHA is a book of photographs and text ( Publishing, Dublin 2012) produced over six years living and working in mainland China.

Moving beyond the urban-centric/scenic/iconic structures, which dominate the current visual record of China, this book looks at the complications of rapid change in smaller provincial cities and prefectures far removed from the country’s coastal metropoles. Tracing a personal narrative across the diverse geographies of these regions, Changsha tells the intimate stories of people living in a society set on fast-forward. Theirs is the emotional legacy of inconstancy, dislocation and sustained cultural shift. China is a civilization in flux. Changsha is a city on fire.

Photographer: Rian Dundon | Website:

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    What’s real or not is subjective. Truth in photography is a flimsy concept. The pictures here are but one perspective – Rian’s personal narrative. Likewise, your ‘just another big boring city in China’ perspective would be another.

    And the book has been funded – hardly think Rian stands to gain much financially from sales to be frank.

    Thanks for your comment though.

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