FIRST CLICK: Rony Zakaria – Road Trip, 2004

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A new series of IPA articles where photographers share their First Click, and reflect on the beginnings of their journey and relationship with Photography. For this First Click, emerging Indonesian photographer Rony Zakaria reflects…

Kuta 2004, by Rony Zakaria

FIRST CLICK: Rony Zakaria – Road Trip, 2004

The picture was taken in late 2004, december to be precise. I think it was my first real experience with a camera. Early back in my teenage years, I happened to remember snapping with a Fuji disposable camera but I don’t remember what happened to that exposed roll.

This 2004 trip itself was my first ever road trip, going to Bali with a couple of friends on vacation during the off semester holiday. I just got my first camera a couple months prior to the trip – a simple 5MP camera which had only a 32MB card. Most of the pictures were of us with a background in some scenery, a classic tourist picture. I snapped everything as I was very much in euphoria with my camera. The photograph here was taken in Kuta from the window of our rented car – it reminds me how sillier I was back then, but I miss the good old times being on the road, thinking just mostly about the road we took rather than the pictures I take.

Rony Zakaria

Rony Zakaria started his career as a photographer after finishing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He studied photojournalism at Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara. In 2009 he studied as a fellow at Asian Center For Journalism in Manila Philippines. Rony has received several awards for his works which includes NPPA Best of Photojournalism and Mochtar Lubis Award Grant.

Website: |  Twitter: @ronyzakaria
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