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Print Donations - IPA Awards

18th JAN ’13 UPDATE: We have hit our Funding Target!
Thank You! http://www.indiegogo.com/ipaphotoasia/

So it has been a week since we launched our campaign for the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013. The response has been overwhelming and humbling at the same time. In little over 7 days, we’ve managed to raise 100% of our modest funding target. Our call for support to our first crowdfunding effort has been generously responded to by the IPA community.

There are many, many great international recognition and awards initiatives by other excellent organisations and folks out there. Our focus, and the focus of this awards, is Asia. We’ve successfully produced the IPA Street Photography Asia Contest for 2 years. It is time now, in our third year, to take another little step forward.

As mentioned previously, the 3 main categories of the awards will be Street Photography Asia, Photo Essay Asia and Photo Books Asia.

This post comes with a latest exciting update to our awards effort. Our judging panel for the various awards categories is taking shape. We have sent out preliminary invitations to the following respected colleagues and peers to participate and they have graciously accepted.

Presenting the preliminary Judging Panel for IPA Awards 2013:


Che’ Ahmad Azhar

Photographer/Educator, Malaysia

Chow Chee Yong

Photographer/Educator, Singapore

Pablo Bartholomew

Photographer, India

Peter Schoppert

Managing Director, NUS Press

Tay Kay Chin

Photographer/Co-founder of PLATFORM, Singapore

Yumi Goto

Curator/Reminders Photography Stronghold, Japan

Ying Tang

Photographer, China

Zhuang Wubin

SE Asia Curator/Researcher/Photographer

Print Donations - IPA Awards

Aside to the many sponsors, a big thanks once again also goes to the following photographers who have kindly donated prints to our campaign: Andri Tambunan, Indonesia; Aik Beng Chia, Singapore; Aujin Rew, South Korea; Callan Tham, Singapore; Derrick Choo, Singapore; Junku Nishimura, Japan; Karan Vaid, India; Karulos Naga, Indonesia; Kevin WY Lee, Singapore; Lim Weixiang, Singapore; Luis Liwanag, Philippines; Maika Elan, Vietnam; Jes Aznar, Philippines; Rony Zakaria, Indonesia; Sebastian Song, Singapore; Weilun Chong, Singapore; Tay Kay Chin, Singapore.

Continue supporting our efforts and
Be part of the IPA Photography Asia Awards 2013


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