Fotografi Jalanan – Street Photography from Kuala Lumpur

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Fotografi Jalanan Kuala Lumpur

This collection features a selection of photographs taken and reviewed during the IPA Street Photography Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, during IPA KL Photo Weekend, Malaysia from 14th – 16th June 2013. During the intensive 3 day workshop, the diverse group of participants from Malaysia and Asia explored street photography from practical assignments through to curation, editing and presentation. This workshop was led by Kevin WY Lee, and co-mentored by Che’ Ahmad Azhar and Ronny Zakaria.

A big thanks and best of luck to the participants including: Affendi Haluan Kanan, Casey Tan, Harun Wahab, Joe Loo, Kelvin Ah Kian, Kelvin Chan, Koh Lip Ng, Nicholas Wade, Olga Puzic, Rajko Puzic, Russ Brown, Saifuddin Jalil, and Stephan Chan.

A big thanks to all the mentors, and to our partners KL International PhotoAwards and Galeri Petronas for being great hosts.

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