Ronny Sen: Khmer Din

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Ronny Sen: Khmer Din

Ronny Sen: Khmer Din

“Khmer Din is a visual representation of my disconnected memories. The project started at a time when I was bored with photography and had not been taking pictures for a while, and since taking pictures is all I have ever known as a creative outlet, I was suffocating.” Introduction text by Ronny Sen.

Khmer Din by young Indian photographer Ronny Sen is his first artist book. It was exhibited at the IPA Photo Books Show 2013. Self-published in limited editions (200+3 copies), it includes a box with book, two text sheets, a box of six 5×7 inches prints and a poster on archival paper.






Khmer Din is a nice little memento picked up along the way on a long and winding road, and a deep breath most photographers will admit taking at some point. We look forward to what Ronny picks up on his next disembarkation.

To order a copy, contact: [email protected] or visit for more.

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    Couldn’t find an email to write to, so I am leaving this as a comment…
    I took the liberty to use an image from your website from this page.

    I will be selling Ronny Sen’s book during PhotobookFest in Paris (Nov. 15th to 17th), and I do not have the book yet… (lloking forward to it !)
    I needed an image to advertise the book on Facebook on this page :

    I hope this is OK with you. If not, please send me a request and I will remove it.

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