Journeys by IPA Workshop Alumni: Hannah Reyes + Peera Vorapreechapanich

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We spotlight some new work produced by members of the IPA Workshop Alumni, each exploring their new journey in photography. Young photographers Hannah Reyes (Philippines) and Peera Vorapreechapanich (Thailand) were both IPA Scholarship Grant Recipients in our Bangkok Workshop in July, 2013. Hannah Reyes narrates a chance encounter and friendship, Peera continues his exploration of unsolved mysteries in Bangkok.

My Beautiful Friend

‘I’m planning to go to Mexico for love this year,’ she tells me. I met her at a bar down P. Burgos. She’s one of the coolest chicks I know. She owns herself. She’s different from all the other girls I know. Her life is intriguing and we came together and did these photos. This is how I understand.

My beautiful friend. We do not talk about what she does, we only talk about love. And tonight, she says, tonight will be the last night.

Photographs & Text: Hannah Reyes

Unsolved Mysteries

Every area, every street corner, every nook of the city,
there is always secret hiding undiscovered which nobody knows what it is.

Strange, beautiful, absurd, accidental,
what do you see is up to your perspective and interpreting.
There is no correct answer, either wrong answer too.

Looking the world closely,
Maybe these ‘Unsolved Mystery’ are standing right in front of you.

Photographs & Text: Peera Vorapreechapanich

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