20 Instagrams from Asia to Follow

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It seems Instagram and mobile pictures are hotter than ever, and picking up even more steam. Here are 20 Instagram streams from Asia to follow…

1. SE Asia Live

@seasialive is a new joint Instagram Project broadcasting images from Southeast Asia, currently participated by 30+ photographers from the region.

2. Everyday Asia

@everydayasia is also a new collaborative Instagram Project streaming daily images from Asia.
The initiative is inspired by @everydayafrica.

3. Xiaobin Neo

@xiaobin is a Photojournalist with The Straits Times, Singapore and covers national and regional affairs.

4. Wong Maye-E

@w0ngmayee is an Associated Press photojournalist based in Singapore.

5. Lam Yik Fei

@lamyikfei is one of Hong Kong’s most prominent photojournalists, covering HK and international assignments.

6. Aujin Rew

@aujinrew is a Korean contemporary photographer based in Singapore.

7. Mansi Midha

@mansimidha is a contemporary photographer based in New Delhi, India and part of the Delhi Photo Festival team.

8. Ekkarat Punyatara

@ekkaratpunyatara is an independent Thai photographer based in Bangkok.

9. Sim Chiyin

@chiyin_sim is a Singaporean photojournalist based in Beijing and a photographer under the VIIPhoto Mentor Program.

10. Sanjit Das

@sanjitdas is an Indian photographer with Panos Pictures currently living in Kuala Lumpur.

11. Andri Tambunan

@andritambunan is a documentary photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

12. Ore Huiying

@orehuiying is Singaporean documentary photographer working on a long-term project in Laos.

13. Stefen Chow

@stefenchow, recent World Press Winner, is a photographer based in Beijing.

14. Rahman Roslan

@rahmanism is a Malaysian photojournalist working on assignment for Getty Images.

15. David Guttenfelder

@dguttenfelder is AP’s chief Asia photographer covering North Korea.

16. Aik Beng Chia

@aikbengchia is one of Singapore’s most prominent mobile photographers.

17. Budi N.D. Dharmawan

@budinddharmawan is a photographer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

18. Sari Asih

@asih is a contemporary photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia.
Sari Asih was also part of IPA’s Southeast Asia Photography Showcase.

19. Darren Soh

@darrensohphoto is a Landscape and Architectural Photographer based Singapore.
Darren is also co-founder of documentary photography group Platform.sg.

20. Invisible Ph t grapher Asia

@invisphotogasia – and lastly, of course our very own mobile instagram diary.
Photographs from Kevin WY Lee.


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