Introducing IPA MZ Editions: Select artist publications from Asia

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We are excited to launch 18 titles with IPA MZ EDITIONS, a series of select photobooks by photographers and artists in Asia.

Photobook: 50 Essays from 50 Photographers in Singapore

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Platform launches their +50 Photobook publication, featuring 2 books with 50 Essays from 50 Photographers in Singapore.

Singapore Photography, Pragmatism and the Political Landscape

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In light of the Singapore 2015 elections, this #chutpattern piece is an “ownself check ownself” dialogue and an existentialist reflection for the Singapore photography community.

Ricoh GRD 4 Street Photograph Samples

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We have always been fans of Ricoh cameras. They make great compact cameras. We have used Ricoh GXR, GR1s and the GRD3 cameras, so were quite curious about the new Ricoh GRD4. Fortunately, we managed to get our hands on a loan unit for a few days. While this is not a full review, here are some points we noted about the GRD4. The GRD4 body looks and feels exactly the same as the 3. Once powered, the most immediate difference in the GRD4 over the 3 is the auto-focus speed – it is noticeably faster, even in low light environments. …