Jakarta Megacity and the Seduction of Walking

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Jakarta Megacity and the Seduction of Walking

Jakarta is a megacity, alive 24/7 with contradicting light and shades. Pedestrian pathways throughout the city are one of the most unforgiving to navigate, yet most seductive an errand to walk and drift. Walking in Jakarta is almost an illicit affair. But just as the megacity rewards dreamers, Jakarta rewards ‘dream walkers’ – adventure and epiphany lie in wait a reward for the walker with porous senses.

These are a selection of photographs and edits from the IPA Street Photography Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 2014. During the workshop, the diverse group of participants explored street photography from practical assignments from walking and sensing in Jakarta through to curation, editing, sequencing and presentation. This workshop was mentored by Kevin WY Lee and Rony Zakaria.

A big thanks and best of luck to the participants including: Aji Susanto Anom, Clarissa Pranata, Irwanda Hamdani, Kelvin Liu, Onyx Trixie, Rully Nasrullah, and Silvia Alcantara.

More information about IPA Workshops available at: https://invisiblephotographer.asia/ipa-workshopevents
More posts on IPA Workshops: https://invisiblephotographer.asia/category/ipa-workshops



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