A Journey Within, by Shadman Shahid

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This photo story is a visual diary of my journey to the center of my consciousness. I have tried to resolve the conflicts within myself which hinders me from self-actualization.

The photographs explore the realms of death, desire, fear, ignorance, sacrifice, providence and enlightenment. The place is murky, hard to comprehend where I am and which way to go. I meet entities, some friendly, some scary, all perplexing. They whisper, howl, shriek and scream each determined to let me know of their existence. They are all me, they are all a part of me. And you. And everyone else.

Photographs & Text: Shadman Shahid | Website: shadmanwdna.wix.com/shadmanshahid

A Journey Within, by Shadman Shahid is part of our Showcase Series on Bangladesh Photography curated by Munem Wasif, Chobimela International Festival of Photography. 



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  1. Our dearest Promit, I never knew photo depictions can be so much self revealing!When I was reading you photo journey diary, I almost forgot that these are written by someone else. you posed me in-front of my own mirror. Well done, very proud of you. Jolly Khammi

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