Landscaped Artifacts, by Lau Chi Chung

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Landscaped Artifacts

We bring destruction to the land, the moment we begin to build.
We construct a myriad of architectural structures on borrowed spaces.
Only to give them up, decades later, and back to Nature,
who reinhabits the land and rejuvenates the deserted artifacts.
Generous and humble, Nature never fails to clean up the messes we created.
The force of Nature permeates and shapes my creation.
Seasonal changes make the process of creating my work a volatile one.
Capturing the ruins amidst Nature,
my work bears witness to lived lives and passed time.
We have made our marks on the land we once walked.
Nature now takes her turn to give it a makeover
Not to turn back the clock, but to transform into an environmental sculpture.
Artificial angular contours lushly laminated.

Let the past sleep. For when the new day comes,
what await us is a contemporary interpretation of the old landscaped artifacts.

Photographs & Text: Lau Chi Chung, Hong Kong | Website:

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