My Own, by Uma Bista

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The photographs of several girls in their teen ages to mid twenties reflect the dreams of females in my country.

How the girls in such a tender age dream of working for their own, making a living and pursuing a career. These women staring in a direction reflect their thoughts and wishes of making a life of their own and creating an identity. The females were in their favorite places — the place of their own. The place which they feel it belonged to them, where they felt happy and content.

Women in today’s society want to make a space of their own. These photographs of the females reflect their own spaces. The women dream of becoming a social worker, designer, air hostess and live a happy and dignified life among others. They are inspired either by their mother or from the people in the society reflects the condition of women in Nepal. These youths are the representatives of the growing generation who want a space of their own in a male dominated society like ours, where a woman still has to struggle for her identity, equity and equality.

Photographs & Text: Uma Bista, Nepal. Website:

Uma Bista is a visual storyteller based in Kathmandu, Nepal.  She is currently working as a photojournalist for Annapurna Post in Nepal. Her most of the work is based on woman issues.  She was recently graduated from the International photography program at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She is the nominee of Joop Swart Masterclass this year. 

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