Beyond Street, by Swarat Ghosh


For me in the street, I try to catch the emotions more than anything else.

For me, content is the king. As long as I am getting strong subjects with varied emotions which people can easily relate to, I think as a photographer I have done justice to myself. I just enjoy the whole experience of making pictures till date. For me, street photography is all about the timing and the capacity to observe. I pat myself on the back for the sheer dedication with which I push myself when making images on the streets. Many times I feel to skip on weekends (due to my software job) but somehow drag myself just for the sheer joy of clicking that magic picture at a time.

Photographs & Text: Swarat Ghosh, India. Website:

Swarat Ghosh is a Hyderabad based Street photographer. He is also part of a street photography collective called “That’s Life”. His work has been published in several national and international magazines including National Geographic Traveller and International Street Photographer.

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  1. simple, narrative, visual treat .
    each one is different in respect to content, mood and story. lovely work .

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