2018 Award Finalist: Concealed, by Habiba Nowrose


2018 Art Award Finalist

Concealed, by Habiba Nowrose

As women, we are often compelled to portray our beautiful selves. In that path to avail beauty we are made to strip off our individuality, stories and traumas. Eventually, we lose ourselves and be one with that fabricated image. We become anonymous to ourselves and our identities remain concealed.



I am Habiba Nowrose, a photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently studying in Danish School of Media and Journalism as an exchange student from Pathshala South Asian Media Institute. I am particularly interested in subjects that explore the human relationship and gender identities. I am more inclined to take portraits as it allows the space for many different interpretations. Often my portraits are made after elaborate preparation. In my artistic process, I carefully take mental note of the objects, colors, patterns, and locations that attract me repeatedly. These elements play a fundamental role in my image making process. This process is psychological and interactive at the same time. I work in color and different color has a different meaning for me. Taking decisions regarding these details are part of my preparation. I thoroughly enjoy this process as I enjoy image making.

Website: www.habibanowrose.com

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Concealed, by Habiba Nowrose [Bangladesh] is an Art Award Finalist in the Invisible Photographer Asia Awards 2018. View more 2018 Awards Finalists.

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