Nature does not cater to man: Chomolungma, by Stefen Chow

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Since time immemorial, Man treat mountains as the lesser known and sacred. Across cultures and millennia, Man worship them, and many fear them.

Philosophers chart history with them. Geologists explain, seismologists predict and poets praise them.

The motivation to climb a mountain is perverse; It is in direct defiance to nature; yet it is also the most natural thing to do.

Across the world, we have tamed nature. Skyscrapers, underground malls, endless network of roads, cables, radio waves, information
has sprouted out on mega cities as if we have done this forever.

However, Nature does not cater to Man.

When mountaineers attempt these mountains, they are reminded of the relationship they have with nature. The delicate balance. The intimacy we have with nature’s behavior. We gently step on them, with respect, dignity and understanding.

This work is about Chomolungma, the highest mountain in the world.

The message is to draw the relation between Man and mountains, and how we don’t conquer mountains, but merely creep up on them for the sacred glimpse of magic.

Photographer: Stefen Chow | Website:

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  1. nice photos taken! thanks people for travelling so far for these! (: i truly appreciate all these beautiful scene taken.. when will i get the chance to travel to these wonderful nature.. thank guys! GREAT JOB! (:

  2. I thought there was an earlier quote here that mentioned “flash presentations” make a bad website. :D

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