1st Impressions: The Nikon 1 V1 Camera – A Street Camera Contender

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Pricing Update – 19th October 2011 The Nikon 1 cameras hit the shelves tomorrow (Thursday 20th October) in Singapore. The recommended retail prices in Singapore Dollars are as follows, the prices varies according to the different lens packages. Nikon 1 V1 w/: 10-30mm + 30-110mm : $1,549 10-30mm + 10mm: $1,499 10mm: $1,369 10-30mm: $1,299 Nikon 1 J1 w/: 10-30mm + 30-110mm : $1,249 10-30mm + 10mm : $1,199 10mm: $1,069 10-30mm: $999 Nikon have finally entered the mirror-less camera market, although their reps may prefer ‘created a new camera category’, with their new Nikon 1 interchangeable lens camera system. Nikon …

Photo Essay: Calcutta Contradictions, by Saptarshi Sanyal

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Rollover images for slideshow controls Calcutta Contradictions Calcutta, the quintessential post-colonial Indian city, exposes the struggle to move ahead into the future and at the same time revel in splendour of an imperial past that palpably throbs in its present. The city’s name has recently been changed to Kolkata, as has happened with several of its streets and addresses. Notwithstanding these passing changes, Calcutta is an ultimate instance of an Indian city with the capacity to absorb and amalgamate parallel realities, juxtapose several paces of life in the same physical space and thus, present a canvas of contradictions. Speaking of age, …

Video: The Nikon F Story

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We have a special place for the Nikon F series of cameras. The Nikon FM2, and later the F3 and F4, were the first cameras we used when we started our journey in photography, as they probably were for many others. Here is a NHK video we chanced upon showing how the Nikon F was made – The Nikon F Story. [youtube width=580]x7mvaryk8Vc[/youtube] [youtube width=580]hEvaBz6NoKg[/youtube]

Bad Dream – Atomic Nightmare, by Shin Yahiro

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I spent a few days there, it was very quiet, fine day, plenty of greens and spring wind blew gently. But there was no one. There used to be a lot of farmers, breeders, dairy farmers. It was such a bad dream in the planed evacuation area from radiation in Fukushima. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant exploded in March. Radiation spread widely, especially in the area carried by the wind. The Japanese government had already designated 20Km in radius from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as an off-limit area. Iitate village, Namie town, katsurao village and other areas were designated as planed evacuation areas too. …

Photo Single: Braving the Night Rain, by Danny Santos II

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Title: Braving the Night Rain It was one of the heaviest rains I’ve ever shot in. While I was standing in the intersection, crossing paths with pedestrians hurrying to get to shelter, I noticed this lone figure from afar… right in the middle of Orchard Road. The silhouette was walking away from where I was, so with my tiny umbrella on one hand and camera on the other, I ran towards it to catch a better look. Suddenly I realized the figure was actually walking towards my direction! I hurriedly backed up until I got the framing I wanted. I …