Photo Essay: Conquering the Streets of Mumbai, by Kaushal Parikh

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Conquering the Streets of Mumbai

So I started taking photography seriously about 5 years ago and was obviously drawn to the convenience of digital technology. I have to say that digital cameras are a good way to learn and understand exposure and composition since you can see what you shoot instantly and can correct and learn from your mistakes in real time. However over time I found myself getting bored. I was beginning to shoot like a robot with a machine gun…fire a thousand shots and you are bound to get a few hits right?

I found myself shooting a lot more but with not too much thought and effort – I was taking images rather than making them and my photography was suffering as a result. My images were repetitive and run-of-the-mill. It reached a stage when I would go out and shoot and then not be bothered to download my images for months since I already pretty much knew what I had shot. Maybe all I needed was a break:-)

Anyway this is when I stayed in more and started browsing other photographers street work on the net.  I discovered that I loved the work of several photographers who still shot b&w film. It was not just the quality and tonality of these images but something that went beyond – they had soul.  I knew it was time to tread backwards against the flow of technological progress, and try my hand at film.

So here are some of my work made on the streets of India (mainly Mumbai). My film work is still not up to the mark but hopefully it will get there. The excitement of shooting film and not knowing what you have captured till you develop it is so exciting…I am addicted. And most significantly, I have fallen in love with photography all over again!

Photographer: Kaushal Parikh
Camera: Leica M6 and Panasonic Lumix LX3

All photographs/art are the property of the credited photographer and creator with all rights reserved.

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Comments 22

  1. good shots. but too overprocessed. the sharpness and contrast hurts the eyes and takes away all detail. maybe you could try going easy on that next time.

  2. Hey kaushal, did notice these levels of grains earlier in most of these shots. Probably due to small size. I havent seen the 1st shot earlier and its just awesome.

  3. Thanks Rob, Pinky and Anant for your kind words.

    @Anant I use Kodak tri-x film, develop it at home in D76 or XTOL and scan it at home with my Canon 9000f.

  4. Hi Kaushal

    Well done! You have some very nice images there – very good story-telling. I spent many years in Bombay and you have captured some of the emotions of the city very nicely. A question: what film do you use and how do you get them scanned?

    Thank you for sharing.


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