Dayanita Singh

“Making images is maybe 10 percent of my work.” Dayanita Singh

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Influential Indian Photographer Dayanita Singh shares how she approaches her Photo Books at an Artist Talk hosted by Delhi Photo Festival.

“Making images is maybe 10 percent of my work. And the rest of it is really weaving, editing, editing, editing, then the sequencing. After the sequencing, comes the pacing and thinking about the form – on what kind of object do I want to create out of this work, what do I want the object to do. Is it just a book of photos? Of course not. Because I’m now beginning to think this is my work. Making the book is my work. And the photographs are just a way to make the book.” – Dayanita Singh

The Delhi Photo Festival 2013 Theme ‘Grace’ is a tribute to Indian Photographer Prabuddha Dasgupta, who sadly passed away in August 2012. Call for submissions will open in March 2013.

Dayanita Singh


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