The Back Page Revisited – Reinterpreting the News Event

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Familiar and usual place, ordinary scene without specific features, public area with many people gathering and passing by or very private secluded location – in those places they once deprived others of their lives, plotted to ambush someone, hidden evidence of their guilt, abandoned bodies.

Some of them killed themselves and others because they couldn’t find reasons of their own existence or feared rejection by society. I was wondering whether traces reminiscing the past events still exist. Seeing the scenes of incidents that once shook the nation I question the human nature.

Yumi Goto
September, 2013

The Back Page Revisited is a compilation of images and text exploring one common theme “scenes of incidents reported in newspaper articles”. Participants of the projects researched events of their choice, and then visited the site and photographed their interpretation of it.

The exhibition held at the Reminders Photography Stronghold features photographs from Sono Aida, Nozomi Iijima, Kenichi Kanno, Hajime Kimura, Soichiro Koriyama, Masaru Goto, Ryogo Shioda, Shuichiro Shibata, Miki Hasegawa, and Megumi Yatagai.

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