(PHOTO)graphy by Sheung Yiu


In 1839, when Sir John Herschel coined the term ‘photography’ and announced the innovation of ‘painting with light’ to the public, people almost instantly started exploring its use in science and fine art.

Nobody seemed to be stunned by the idea nor the perfect replication of ‘reality’ using light. Today, in the omnipresence of digital photography, smartphones and social media, humanity has never gotten a greater abundance of visual imagery. Throughout the history of photography, attention was placed on the possible application and commercialization of photography, everything but recognising the photograph itself as a visual miracle.

Being the last generation to witness the whole transition from analog photography to digital photography, photo albums to profile pictures, I want to remember that excitement of looking at a portrait of my younger self taken by my mother, the enchantment of seeing a developing image in the chemical bath. Photography, first and foremost, is about the photograph – the paper and the image.

(PHOTO)graphy re-examines photography as an expressive medium and photographs as surrealistic objects. Each work in this series plays with some aspects of photographs – the compression of dimension, the signs and symbols, the appropriation of reality etc. It is an imagination of the photograph from a perspective with which photography is a foreign concept.

Photographs & Text: Sheung Yiu | Website: www.sheungyiu.com

(相)相 姚尚勤


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  1. Btw don’t feel the need to post my previous comment, just wanted to point out the mistake on the date which is probably just a typo.

  2. Great images and interesting post. However, I think you meant 1839. Herschel would have been around 144 years old in 1939. ;)

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