side_B, by Minji Lee

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Behind, beside, between and beyond image:

Temporary worker, Sampo generation (Generation who gives up courtship, marriage and childbirth) and SPEC (Specification to be employed).

There are lot of words to describe Korean young generation nowadays. But who they really are and what they really want? ‘side_B’ starts from this question. Based on interest in people, space, and personal stories of my generation, my friends, and myself, ‘side_B’ focuses on bare faces covered behind social roles and stories behind the image. This is a document of the moment we met each other, at the same time, a question how we want to be remembered.

Photographs & Text: Minji Lee | Website:

Born and based in Seoul, Korea. Studied architect at university, and started taking photos on the road. Had first solo exhibition ‘side_B'(2015) and published first photo book ‘side_B'(2015) by self-publishing. Now working on new work ‘light volume’ started from grandmother’s death. Interested in construct of contemporary scenes based on photography.


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