Close Enough, by Charmaine Poh

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It is only human to desire a love that is approved.

A wedding is often a mark of this approval; it is considered an ideal to reach for. Yet love does not fit neatly into boxes, and one does not always find it. Unceasingly, we try to grasp a thing we cannot name.

Through the use of Khmer wedding rituals, I illustrate stories of those who, in society’s eyes, can only look to possessing this from afar.

Photographs & Text: Charmaine Poh, Singapore. Website:

Born in 1990, Charmaine Poh is a Singaporean-Chinese documentary photographer and artist whose work concerns issues of memory, gender, and identity. Currently based in Singapore, she is dedicated to unfolding narratives across Asia. Close Enough was made during the Angkor Photo Workshops 2016.

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