EPHEMERA: Exhibition. Experiment. An idea about ideas.

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Ephemera is about the ‘bottomline’ of Photography, Art and Creation – Ideas. And its presence, however ephemeral, sketchy, fragile, failed or incomplete.
Ideas manifest themselves in visions, images, stories, hallucinations, blueprints, maps, words… Ephemera is about acknowledging, gathering and intensifying that Presence. Momentarily, for 18000 seconds.
Ephemera is an exhibition. An experiment. An idea about ideas.


A final tally of 40 artists and photographers responded to our Open Call for #EPHEMERA and exhibited photography, paintings, drawings, blueprints and performance for 18000 seconds on 12th November 2016 at The Substation.

 Participating artists and photographers were given a metre long string each with which they negotiated and plotted a square metre space within the Black Box at The Substation to exhibit their ideas.

“As seen with recent affairs, there is a battle of ideas and ideologies in all corners of the world, between those who feel they have nothing, those who want more, and those afraid of losing what they have. A string in this case, is perhaps a small, incidental gesture and response to this contestation.” – Kevin WY Lee

“Ephemera was a wonderful opportunity for artists working on different mediums and also on different levels to actually connect with one another. I think that beyond just presenting our works to the public, the spirit of this exhibition is to also bring the arts community in Singapore closer as well.” – Arif Nurhakim

“Ephemera provided a very good platform for artists to experiment, showcase and network with fellow artists. And because Ephemera is different, it also encouraged me to approach my work in ways and forms which I may not have had opportunities to try out in other occasions.” – Donna Chiu

“Ephemera provides a good platform for artists across different stages of their practice to share their work with the public. It encourages us to curate our own work within the space, and it was somehow really bizarre-awesome to see how well this worked, both spatially and conceptually. For new artists, this presented a really good opportunity for them to have their work out there, in a tangible form, and be given the space to share it. Having the theme of the ‘ephemeral’ also somehow emboldens both artists and audience in engaging with the works without much hesitation: create, release, react. I personally found this really exciting as I did not feel compelled to think about my work as a finished product, indeed embracing the ephemeral through display of the process rather than final art piece. I really wish to thank Kevin WY Lee of Invisible Photographer Asia and The Substation team for creating and carving time and space for “Ephemera”. Looking forward to the next one!”Nurul Huda Rashid

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of EPHEMERA – it was such a novel concept and there were some really diverse themes and methodology seen, truly inspiring!”Megan Miao

“EPHEMERA not only challenges the context, but pushes the content. I am humbled and honoured to be part of this process.”Siong Chung Hua

“It was encouraging to see how individuals warmly responded to each other in this casual rendezvous. We should have more of such events.”Tah Choe Gooi

“Being part of Ephemera was one of the most thrilling aspects of my creative journey to date. Part photo exhibition, part art installation, we were challenged to use a limited space in an innovative way to communicate our ideas and work. The rationale of fostering and fuelling ideas was evident as I met like-minded, passionate individuals who all wanted to do more with their craft. A big thank you to Kevin WY Lee, Invisible Photographer Asia and The Substation teams for their support and encouragement. I thoroughly recommend it and am looking forward to the next one already.” – Aldrina Kim Thirunagaran

Documentation Gallery. More on: IPA Facebook Page  

#EPHEMERA 2016 was:
  • Tham Jing Wen
  • Jyh Hern Tan
  • Anne Moelleskov Hansen
  • Muhamad Shafiq
  • Megan Miao
  • Aaron Chan Yongzhi
  • Wong Zijia
  • Arif Nurhakim
  • Donna Chiu
  • Chee Wei Teck
  • Aldrina Kim Thirunagaran
  • Mario Adinata
  • Perry Chong
  • Colin Seow
  • Teresita Alicbusan Stamatelaky
  • Gooi Tah Choe
  • Faris Nakamura
  • Philip Ho Zhi Yang
  • George Wong Yung Choon / Liana Yang
  • Siong Chung Hua
  • Megan Lam
  • Brendan Poh
  • Elaine Wijaya Oey
  • Shyue Woon
  • Dave Lim
  • Vanessa Lim Shu Yi
  • Brenda Kay Lin
  • Daniel Chong
  • Lim Hong Wei
  • Shahnaz Ali
  • Chris Williams
  • Andre Goh Ming Hui
  • Bai Tianyuan
  • Reuben Lam Lu Bin
  • Nurul Huda Rashid
  • Irvin Tan
  • Jenevieve Kok
  • Chareze Stamatelaky
  • Lee Wen

Special thanks to all participating artists and photographers and to The Substation for their support and bravery.

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