EPHEMERA Highlight: Spotless, by Philip Ho

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Artist highlights from our #EPHEMERA Exhibition on 12th November 2016 at The Substation featuring photography, paintings, drawings, blueprints and performance.


Spotless, by Philip Ho

It can be said that tattoos are a kind of evidence for a person’s past or past decisions. While such marks are designed to persist, the characteristics of people are fluid.

As the media of ink and skin lack perfection, tattoos change as well. However, this change is much slower and does not always align with directions that people want to go in. Sometimes this stubbornness can limit the range of choices that a person can make. If it becomes intolerable, certain means of adjustment are available.

Laser removal is one of those options. As the most effective method of removing ink from a person’s body, it is also the most painful. But people still resort to it, for as many reasons as they do for getting tattoos. Even though the procedure is cosmetic, it is still serious.

Because of this, doctors and staff in clinics are careful. A conscious effort is made to maintain a high quality of treatment while ensuring that their seriousness does not reduce operation to pure mechanics. Jokes and small talk pass between those on the giving and receiving ends of surgery. Pain and laughter coincide.

Website: http://philip-ho.format.com
Artist Biography

A curious observer, Philip Ho chose the camera because its use depends on a chronic and fulfilling harmony between questions and surprise. This taught him to assume less and to ask more about the world surrounding. 

 Deeply fascinated by daily compromises of the individual in society, Philip continues to be simultaneously worried and relieved by how much each of us can give and take.



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