EPHEMERA Highlight: The Other Side, by Tah Choe Gooi

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Artist highlights from our #EPHEMERA Exhibition on 12th November 2016 at The Substation featuring photography, paintings, drawings, blueprints and performance.


The Other Side, by Tah Choe Gooi

The Other Side is a series of images and music inspired by Haruki Murakami, exploring what the author meant by the alternate reality of our existence. To quote:

“It’s a dark, cool, quiet place. A basement in your soul. And that place can sometimes be dangerous to the human mind. I can open the door and enter that darkness, but I have to be very careful. I can find my story there. Then I bring that thing to the surface, into the real world. ”

All photos and video were taken in Sembawang area, where Gooi Tah Choe found the other side – its loneliness, breathing through sounds and colours.

Artist Biography

Gooi Tah is a music teacher who, coincidently, is also interested in photography and story-telling in small visual fragments.


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