I’ve Never Told You Before, by Yu Yu Myint Than

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Women in Southeast Asia who suffer domestic violence often keep silent, straining to conform to rules set by society. I met several Khmer women survivors. We shared our never-before-told stories and journeyed together through grief, and found strength.

“You should serve him well and not disappoint him.”
“No matter what happens, you have to listen to him.”
“Do not speak to him as if you consider him as an equal.”
“If you are stubborn and talk back to your husband, you are the woman who destroys the repute of the family.”
“Forgive him in the name of a woman.”
~ Excerpts from Chbab Srey, Cambodian book, “How to be a good woman”

Photographs & Text: Yu Yu Myint Than, Myanmar Website: facebook.com/YuYus-Photography

I’ve Never Told You Before was made by Yu Yu Myint Than during her participation at the 2016 Angkor Photo Workshops.

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