Seeking Moksha, by Nishant Shukla

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Seeking Moksha is informed by encounters with people who seemed more lost than found in their search for transcendence, as perhaps I was too.

In 2011, I walked to the source of the Ganga in the Himalaya​ ​to collect water for my grandfather, a Hindu priest, who was on his deathbed. I​ ​hoped it could give him some connection with a place of which he had spoken,​ ​but was never able to visit. By the time I got back, he had lost his memory,​ ​and could no longer recognise his grandson.

In​ ​subsequent journeys I often fantasised about spending​ ​my time as a hermit, and considered finding a cave to live in. During those visits I collected​ ​wildflowers, stones, earth and water to offer to those close to me, and carry​ ​them, in spirit, to the places where these things came from.

Seeking Moksha evolved through such personal​ ​journeys. It is informed by encounters with people who seemed more lost than found in their search for transcendence, as perhaps I was too.

Seeking Moksha, printed in India in a first edition of 1,000 copies, is the first book of photographs by Nishant Shukla. More info and availability:
Hardcover , 9 x 7.2 in, 38 Colour Photographs, 3 Inserts, 88 pages, English, Publication: January 2017, ISBN: 978-1-63535-715-8 

This edition has been published and enabled by the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts: Photography Grant 2016. AWARDS: Winner Alkazi Photobook Grant 2016Shortlisted for Kassel Dummy Book Award 2016, & Shortlisted for Unseen Dummy Award 2016.

Nishant Shukla is a British-Indian visual artist and photographer currently based in New Delhi, India. His personal body of work addresses questions of identity, origins and essence through an exploration of the margin: peripheral times, spaces and people, commemorated with images and objects, and entangled into his own journey. 

In 2009, he was selected for FreshFaced+WildEyed at The Photographers’ Gallery (London), focusing on emerging talent in the UK. In 2016, he was awarded the Alkazi Foundation for the Arts: Photobook Grant for the publication of his first photobook “Seeking Moksha”. Nishant is also a co-founding member of BIND, a multimedia collective based in India. While running a public photobook library for the region, BIND is interested in fostering new narratives, developing original practices and using inventive forms of engagement with the medium.

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