Ahp, by Aishwarya Arumbakkam

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It was a cloudy day when I ran into a strange, beautiful woman in the countryside of Cambodia. Everyone referred to her as Ahp.

She lived alone in an isolated house by the edge of the village. No one seemed to know where she came from. But ever since she did, more and more mysterious things seem to be happening.

This work was created during the 12th Angkor Photography Festival & Workshops, Cambodia.

Photographs & Text: Aishwarya Arumbakkam, India. Website: www.aishwarya-arumbakkam.com

Artist Bio

Born in 1988, Madras, India. The aspect of photography I connect with most is storytelling. From childhood I’ve understood the world around me through stories, and I still understand it better that way. My engagement with Visual Arts started with Design and Filmmaking, which I studied at NID followed by a short stint at ENSAD. After few years as a practicing filmmaker I discovered Photography. I realised this was the artistic voice I’d been searching for. I went on to study and develop the same at Pathshala.

For now, I’m based in Mumbai where I work as a filmmaker and photographer.
My primary areas of interest include nature, mythology, fiction, portraiture, book making, and black & white. I’m currently working on ongoing projects based in India and Bangladesh.

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