Death by Drowning, by Dianne Rosario

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Death by Drowning is a collection of photographs taken around Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines and one of the largest in South East Asia.

It portrays life in the lake as a microcosm of everyday miracles and birth. For lakeshore dwellers, their very lives anchor on the lake for food, water supply, and irrigation. Every day, people take away from the lake – and some take away too much. Massive land reclamation for industrial and landfill use, and overcrowded fish cages have damaged Laguna de Bay, putting in danger not only the lake but the millions of lives it sustains.

The paradox of water as the life-giver that delivers death is explored in these photographs, both imagined and observed. They provide a lucid reflection of the present, and more darkly, a foreshadowing of what may come.

Photographs & Text: Dianne Rosario, Philippines. Website:

DEATH BY DROWNING, by Dianne Rosario was made during the IPA Mentorship Program. Click to view: More Mentorship Projects.

The IPA Mentorship Program is a photography mentorship initiative by Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) for those who wish to further their personal photographic vision and goals. More info:

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