Weekly Photo Editing #03: Aji Susanto Anom, Indonesia

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In light of the current Covid Crisis and Lockdown across Asia and beyond, I am offering free photo editing once a week for photographers and artists who have a body of work or series of photographs and need/want my help in editing and sequencing. This offer is open to those in Asia and all genres of work. 

Here is Week #03 Edit for Aji Susanto Anom, Indonesia, first published on www.instagram.com/kevinwylee.

Hi Aji,

Good to hear from you and see your new images.

You describe this set as “A poetic journal of love and distance space by a newly married husband. The work is about space created by me and my wife long distance marriage life. Separation by distance is a new experience since we never apart from 10 years relationship before. ”

I used your above text to edit this sequence of 10 images. They tell a tale of intergalactic love and longing between two beings who live a light year apart. As you can see, I’ve taken creative license and only picked the surreal, omitting any images that, even remotely, betrays reality. This approach fits your way of image-making and the story you want to express. Good to see that you’re continuing with the style I saw when we first met.
Moving forward, you could expand on this metaphorical narrative by exploring in more images what happens when the two beings meet, but once an earth year, the equivalent of a light-year, about 6 trillion miles apart.

Terima Kasih and may the force be with you and your wife.

Kevin @kevinwylee

This effort is part of my “#Lockdown Editing” series, undertaken in #circuitbreaker lockdown in Singapore.

To submit your work for consideration: Send a wide edit of your photos (low res) along with a synopsis/statement to [email protected]. (NOTE: Send once only, don’t spam) I will select one work each week, edit and send back a sequence. Will also share the edited project on my and @invisphotogasia channels. Will do this as long as everyone #stayhome and there is sustained interest in this offer amidst the #covid crisis #lockdown.


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