Weekly Photo Editing #06: Martin San Diego, Philippines

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In light of the current Covid Crisis and Lockdown across Asia and beyond, I am offering free photo editing once a week for photographers and artists who have a body of work or series of photographs and need/want my help in editing and sequencing. This offer is open to those in Asia and all genres of work. 

Here is Week #06 Edit for Martin San Diego, Philippines, first published on www.instagram.com/kevinwylee.

Hi Martin,

Good to hear from you. It’s been a while since the workshop in Manila with @invisphotogasia @rightsexposure @vjvillafranca.

Your ‘Youth of the Nation Within’ project explores the role of identity amidst the lingering lure of militancy among Filipino-Muslim or Moro youth in Southern Philippines. You write that this is “your first long-term project, and that it came at a time when you deeply wanted to know what I stand for as a young photographer, as a storyteller.” I can see that your statement is reflected in the images after looking at them.

I’ve gone through your 101 images and edited them down to a guide sequence of 15 to help you. I first started with a “Five Picture Edit” with images that best serve these five functions: 1. Surprise; 2. Establish; 3. Develop; 4. Climax; and 5. Conclusion. You may remember this exercise during our Manila workshop. A tutorial video “Video Tutorial: Introduction to Editing Photo Projects” on this is on @invisphotogasia IGTV. Editing this way is like using the 3 Act Story Structure showing Setup, Conflict and Resolution.

From the Five Pictures, I then added more images to expand the edit to 15 images. The final edit proposes following the lives of a few key subjects as a way to thread the story. The idea is to afford the audience more understanding of the complexities and empathy for the people involved.

The subject you have chosen as a first long-term project is, without doubt, complex and “long-term”. It needs much commitment and investment. But I have seen on your social media that you have been working hard since we met, and have shown much progress.

I filmed the editing your work with more comments and advice. I will post that up shortly on IGTV and Youtube under my “#LOCKDOWN EDITING” series. Have a look when it’s up.

Hope this is helpful moving forward.


This effort is part of my “#Lockdown Editing” series, undertaken in #circuitbreaker lockdown in Singapore.

To submit your work for consideration: Send a wide edit of your photos (low res) along with a synopsis/statement to [email protected]. (NOTE: Send once only, don’t spam) I will select one work each week, edit and send back a sequence. Will also share the edited project on my and @invisphotogasia channels. Will do this as long as everyone #stayhome and there is sustained interest in this offer amidst the #covid crisis #lockdown.


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